Video Premiere: Killing Cartisano on Folk Radio UK

 Killing Cartisano previews new album with single ‘The Drunk Man’

KC shared the following on the new single: “The Drunk Man was born in two hours. Especially the lyrics rained on me in a so weird way. I was playing my bass without overthinking, that words drove me to sing with a lower tone with a vivid picture of Tom Waits in Domino’s movie in my head. A crushing mix between madness and holiness. I mean. Who doesn’t want to be saved from Tom Waits coming to you driving a broken-down Cadillac (in the nowhere of the desert) while “Jesus Gonna Be Here” plays in the distance? 

When I sent the album demo to George (S. Rosenthal, the co-producer), he proposed me to record it with a live studio session. So me, Mark (Nelsen, guitar) and Sonny (Pearce, drums) met at the Complex and recorded the song without having ever played it before together. In one hour or so, we had the final take and the video.”

The Drunk Man’ has a hook-laden hypnotic West Coast psychedelic vibe that just sucks you in.

The Drunk Man will be available on Spotify from 9 February.

Watch her new video for the first single off her forthcoming album on Broken Toys below.

Video Premiere: Killing Cartisano previews new album with single ‘The Drunk Man’


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